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PWG - Professional Women's Group summer party @ Oskar Kowalski

Please do not post photos of other people without permission.

PWG-Professional Women's Group

PWG-Professional Women's Group

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Hi, I'm Natalie. Personal Branding and Event Photographer.

If you need a photographer for your upcoming event, or you need portraits for your website/social media accounts  please don't hesitate to give me a call

Please feel free using the pictures, but don't forget to tag or name the photographer - Natalie von Harscher Fotografie




If you want to use any photo on your website or print media, please mention that you have to purchase a commercial license. For more information and prices, please write an Email to Natalie

And please tag PWG Professional Women's Group Zurich as well.

#PWG #OskarKowalskiBar #Eventphotography #WomenNetwork

Natalie von Harscher | Fotografin aus Zug
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